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Every project should begin with a point of reference: Who are we intending to talk to? Who’s our audience and what do we expect them to do?

If we can define our group or user or purchaser, how do we intend to reach them and what is the action we propose they take to engage with us?

Strategy includes simple things like market awareness, market penetration and position. Strategy also includes Brand with a capital “B”. Brand awareness is crucial to strategy. A successful creative strategy should help you establish your brand (if it doesn’t already exist) and reinforce it throughout the execution.

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Creative Execution


Creative Execution can be projects—both long and short term—that, based on the strategy, work to meet your goals. Creative execution works off of the parameters established in the strategy and deploys solutions fit to communicate to your customer, your market and ultimately to your intended action. Creative execution is the engine that propels your strategy forward.

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Tracking & Reporting


No plan is foolproof but no plan can be valued without accessing results. All creative executions can have some level of measurement to reflect back to the strategy and determine success. Even Brand creative can be accessed over time based on recognition, awareness and penetration into the market. Tracking and reporting on creative executions helps to reinforce or to redefine the creative strategy.


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