A Brand is a distinction in a market place between two or more similar products or service. Brands cannot be "merely descriptive"—meaning that simply stating the effect of the product or solution is not enough to protect it as a brand (example: Always Clean).  Brands are protected, ideally to help consumers differentiate between like entities. Registrations are awarded by the Patents and Trademark office to indicate the individual and unique (and therefore protected) aspects of a brand—to the benefit of the consumer. Even so, the protection of the brand's uniqueness falls to the corporation or company. It's up to the originating entity to fight to protect their brand.

Developing then a unique and individual Brand that is more than merely descriptive is imperative to distinguish a company, a service, or a solution from competitors.

In this example, a brand was initiated to help visualize the active play arena known as Power of Play. The visual solution began as a series of sketches that are meant to represent the interactive dynamics that take place within the indoor facility. The facility offers engaged play including shops and stores that reinforce social interaction, along with free-form play. Children off all ages intermingle and establish their own systems of play by way of dress up, barter, shopping, banking, etc.

Sketches initially focused on the adventure and playfulness of the play area, primarily through dress up.

After continued development the brand visual was established to give a sense of the euphoria of the experience over the physical aspects of the play (like dress up). The “sensation” of the play was preferred as a visual—less the action and more the result.

And the final brand visual was established to be two children in delight, jumping together with arms raised, experiencing the Power of Play.

Creative Execution
Power of Play brand


All creative executions should begin with a tactical attention to the intended result. Solutions like the development of brand as well as other visual appeals help to reinforce message, purpose and strategy.


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