Any ad or promotion can be tracked. Beyond the use of online tools, simple tracking tools such as custom URL's and custom phone numbers allow the ability to track users interactions and responses to offers.

Tracking with use of custom URLS








> With the help of custom URL's we can track where customers see your promotions and offers.


Change Offers and track results

> Customize offers to test how customers react best to price point or length of service commitments.


Reporting encapsulates the results of established tracking and helps to adjust offers, creative messages and market penetration. Test, adjust, test, adjust — then test again.

Reprts can be generated showing vistor flow throughout a site

> Reports can be established to track customers landing points (like on your website) to see how your customers got there (keywords, offers, URL's, etc.) and what they do when they navigate through your content.



Tracking Reporting


See other examples of ad customization in our gallery.


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